An Email Invitation System
New Exhibitor Marketing Opportunity!
Custom Banner Program
The first 50 exhibitors who schedule their email invitations will receive an ASIS custom banner.

We know your company has made a significant investment to exhibit at ASIS 2017. We hope you will take advantage of this new marketing program.

What are the benefits to using the Custom Banner Program?

  • No additional cost to you to use a custom banner.
  • A great new way to tell customers and prospects that you are exhibiting at ASIS, your booth location, that you hope to see them at ASIS and provide them with a description of your products and services.
  • It's an easy way to register for the Free Expo-Only Pass or the All-Access Pass with a $75 discount.
  • Increase your ROI from the show by increasing your booth traffic.

How to take advantage of the program

  • Be one of the first 50 exhibitors who schedule their Exhibitor Invites campaigns.
  • Request custom banners with your company name an booth number by clicking the button below.
  • Along with the banner, we'll provide a custom web invitation URL from one of the email invitations (view samples) to link to the banner.

How to use your custom banners

  • Promote in your company's email newsletter
  • Place on your company's web site
  • Put in your email signature and share with your team to include in their signature
  • Use on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn