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The Best Way To Increase Attendance at Your Event

Exhibitor Invites® is proven to be one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to boost attendance and increase exhibitor ROI.

2,600+ Registrants for PROCESS EXPO
“The Exhibitor Invites system has been absolutely instrumental in achieving our goals for attendance at every show we’ve hosted. It offers our exhibitors a chance to promote their brand, promote their product, and promote their presence all within the most efficient and effective system that is on the market. More importantly, the team behind this powerful resource is truly focused on making sure that the show management team -- as well as exhibitors -- achieve their goals for the show.”
- Kyle Heiman, Marketing Manager

Building attendance is one of the most important strategic initiatives for show owners. A struggling economy has tightened budgets and restricted event participation. Most large events spend an average of 20% of their annual budget on attendee marketing – yet attendance continues to shrink while costs to register each new attendee soar.

4,300 Registrants for PACK EXPO
“Exhibitor Invites generated more than 4,300 registrants for us in 2013 – a great success. In my opinion, Exhibitor Invites is one of the most powerful and cost effective tools out there to boost attendance…”
- Jim Pittas, Vice President, Tradeshows

Our clients, who include many of the largest trade shows in the country, have experienced great success with a significant increase in attendance numbers and contacts with new prospects from its exhibitors.

246,000+ Invitations for SEMICON West
“Exhibitor Invites has consistently delivered outstanding results for SEMICON West over our five-year partnership.  Their easy-to-use platform not only provides an effective way for our exhibitors to reach their VIP customers but has been a terrific vehicle for SEMICON West to deliver our unique show messages to new audiences. The Exhibitor invites team is committed to excellent customer service and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”
- Leslie Rauscher, Senior Show Manager

What We Do

Show owners have long encouraged exhibitors to be more active and invite their customers and prospects to attend the show. Everyone has tried to encourage this behavior by offering a variety of tools for exhibitors, from customized postcards, day passes, special offers, etc. The problem is that exhibitors are busy, don’t want to spend money, and don’t want to share their lists with show management. Thus these programs have yielded little to no results.

Exhibitor Invites takes away all of the major roadblocks that have prevented exhibitors from participating in the past. The system is free, unlimited, and very easy to use.  By following our 4 Easy Steps, exhibitors are able to create and send a nicely designed, customized email campaign to their customers and prospects at NO COST to them.

How It Works

Exhibitors log into a secure site that is specifically branded for each show. They upload their lists to a third-party e-mail distribution service.

In about 20 minutes, exhibitors can create their own custom email– without any prior knowledge of email marketing tools. The service makes the exhibitor look good because it can include a special offer or free registration (show management decides), and it allows exhibitors to send a reminder to their customers and prospects that they will be at the show and what booth they are in. It is also the perfect tool for them to reach out with personalized text about their participation in the show (giveaways, new products, etc.) at NO COST to them.

In order to maximize exhibitor usage, Exhibitor Invites utilizes a team of trained specialists who call each and every exhibitor to encourage them to make use of the system, and to assist them with the 4 Easy Step process if necessary.

4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload Your Email List
Step 2: Enter Your Custom Information
Step 3: View & Approve Invites
Step 4: Schedule Your Invites