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Our cutting-edge products and services are the most cost-effective way to help you boost attendance and increase exhibitor ROI.

Exhibitor Invites ®

Pre-show Attendee Generation and Exhibitor ROI
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Exhibitors login to a secure site that is specifically branded for each show.  They upload their lists to a third-party bonded e-mail distribution service.

In about 20 minutes, exhibitors can create their own custom email– without any prior knowledge of email marketing tools. The service makes the exhibitor look good because it can include a special offer or free registration (show management decides), and it allows exhibitors to send a reminder their customers and prospects that they will be at the show and what booth they are in. It is also the perfect tool for them to reach out with personalized text about their participation in the show (giveaways, new products, etc.) at NO COST to them.

In order to maximize exhibitor usage, Exhibitor Invites utilizes a team of trained specialists who call each and every exhibitor to encourage them to make use of the system, and to assist them with the process if necessary. We'll even complete the invitation for them if they’re too busy, and then send them a test message to approve!

Our expert team of specialists contact each exhibitor and are available throughout the process to encourage participation in the program and assist in completing the process.

Exhibitor Outreach

Emails to Registered Attendees

Enhance your exhibitor's visibility and experience by providing them with the opportunity to contact your registered attendees before or after the show.

All lists provided to Exhibitor Invites are secure and will never be shared with exhibitors. Exhibitors are given the opportunity to send to the entire list, or select from a portion of the list based on demographics, titles, etc.
This outreach program, purchased by the exhibitor based on a price point set by show management, has been highly successful in driving traffic to exhibitors' booths and boosting their ROI from the show.

  • Allows exhibitors to send email to the pre-reg list, without access to the actual email addresses
  • You decide how much to charge and how many slots are available per day, and you get to approve each email
  • We provide all technical support and customer service
  • Uses the same “battle tested” email engine as our Exhibitor Invites product

Delivers strong value to exhibitors, protects your registration list, and provides an excellent revenue opportunity.